What is a Lash Lift?

-It's a lifting technique designed to give you longer-looking lashes without the need for lash extensions. It will look as if you used a really good eyelash curler, only this lift lasts for 6 to 8 weeks! The procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes. It really is an easy way to instantly brighten and open up the eye area!

How do I need to prep for the treatment?

-Please come in make up free. If you wear contacts, they must be removed.

Is this like lash extension where they will look dramatically thicker?

-Lash extensions and lash lifts are 2 totally different animals. I will not be adding any additional lashes to you. I will simply be curling your natural lashes. That said, for most, it can make your lashes appear fuller because they are so uplifted.

What are the post treatment instructions?

-Pretty simple: Do not apply an oil based products to the lashes for the first 24 hours.

Can I book this on the same day as a facial?