$70.  CUSTOMIZED FACIAL-. Acne? Dry, flaky skin? Rosacea? Aging and wrinkles? A customized facial will treat any of your skin care concerns. This includes a neck, shoulder, scalp and arm massage. Add a microdermabrasions or peel for $25

  50 minutes.

$65 MICRODERMABRASION- This treatment is great for just about all skin types. By using a diamond tip, skin is exfoliated and suctioned, boosting new collagen growth along with removing that top layer of dead skin leaving your skin with a glow. This includes a deep cleanse using an ultrasonic scrubber and calming mask with serum and moisturizer.

$55 PEEL- Customized chemical peels resulting in decreased acne, wrinkles, scarring and pigmentation. Peel choices consist of enzyme, lactic, glycolic and vitamin C. A deep cleanse, mask, serum and moisturizer are included.